DAY 1 | ATHENS – KITHNOS – (5 hrs)

Under the shadow of the Acropolis, your charter will embark in Athens and once you’ve unpacked your bags, the yacht will set out for a tour of the Cyclades island chain. One of the first islands to visit will be Kithnos – a typical example of Greek island life that is unaffected by the trappings of modern tourism. Rugged rocky coastlines offer many sheltered bays for a quiet night at anchor.

DAY 2 | KITHNOS – SYROS – (3 hrs 30 mins)

After a robust breakfast served with crisp linens, the yacht will head on a short cruise toward the island of Syros, where the port of Ermoupoli is said to be the “Queen of the Cyclades”. Once you have sampled the delights of the town, there are numerous bays to choose for the yacht to anchor and enjoy waters port activities.

DAY 3 | SYROS – TINOS – (2 hrs)

Next on our tour of the Cyclades is the mountainous and wooded island of Tinos. The spectacular Church of Our Lady draws pilgrims from throughout the Greek islands. After a stroll and perhaps a luncheon on shore, watersport enthusiasts can enjoy the afternoon playing with some of the toys on board the yacht.

DAY 4 | TINOS – MYKONOS – (1 hr 30 mins)

If you have perused any tourism brochures featuring Greece, you have surely seen photos from the next destination: Mykonos. Her cosmopolitan air combined with picturesque, whitewashed limestone houses and old-world windmills won’t disappoint any visitor. Shopping is superb and the nightlife is sure to stimulate the senses as we mark the halfway point on your itinerary.

DAY 5 | MYKONOS – NAXOS – (2 hrs 30 mins)

After the fun of Mykonos, you may be ready to once again pursue more restful scenery – so the plan will be to set out for Naxos, the largest and most fertile island in this chain. Steep peaks with rich vegetation growing on their terraced slopes are a grocer’s delight with their harvest of olives, citrus, and figs to name just a few.

DAY 6 | NAXOS – SIFNOS – (4 hrs)

With underground treasure pouring from her ancient gold and silver mines, Sifnos was once a mecca of wealth in olden days. The remains of the medieval village of Kastro is a lovely place to admire the scenery and imagine the lifestyle of simpler times.

DAY 7 | SIFNOS – SPETSES – (7 hrs)

The next stop on our Cycladic tour is Spetses, whose impressive homes and civic structures demonstrate this island’s longtime prosperity. Since there are no cars on the island, you can hire a horsee-drawn carriage to show you around this scenic location.

DAY 8 | SPETSES – ATHENS – (5 hrs 30 mins)

As the sun rises on the last day of the charter, the yacht will cruise back to the disembarkation port in Athens.